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Terramia is doing my homework for me! Check out one of her latest posts, The Very Pink of Perfection, full of major interior design eye candy. Pink in living spaces is usually a bit much (even for me), but these are all sorts of lovely.

I’ve always loved this couch from Ruthie Sommer’s home, ever since it appeared on the cover of one of Domino’s first issues:

Sofa from Ruthie Sommers & Chapman Radcliff
Image from Terramia; by Ruthie Sommers & Chapman Radcliff

For good measure, I’ll throw in images from one of my favorite interior design inspirations, Designer’s Guild, in a showstopping hot pink & chartreuse palette:

Designers Guild

LEAVE A COMMENT | May 30, 2007 | Living Space, Palettes & Patterns
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  1. May 31 • 2:06 pm

    I absolutely love these colors (not sure if I’d be brave enough to use them myself, but I love to look at them) and I absolutely love Designer’s Guild!!


  2. June 5 • 2:18 am

    these rooms are divine!

    the butterfly collector